LSA Team

Brian McGuffin

Senior Pastor

Brian joined the LSA team in September 2020. He and his family moved from Manitoba to Belle River in the middle of the Covid crisis. He and his wife Lisa are blessed with 7 beautiful children, who can be seen brightening up the LSA church on Sunday mornings and through the week. Brian also acts as the chair of our session team.


Office Administrator

Cindy Compeau

Cindy is responsible for all things related to the office. She is in charge of booking the facility, and answering any and all questions that come in to the office. Cindy is married to Bill. We like them both, but maybe her a little more.

Next Gen / Production Pastor

Shane Davis

Shane looks after all technical and production elements for Sunday morning services. He is also our youth pastor, running the senior youth programming on Tuesday evenings and young adults ministry on Friday evenings.

Junior Youth Coordinator

Megan Ditty

Megan runs the Junior Youth programming on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. She and her husband Jordan have 3 beautiful children. Megan is also involved in the Security team at LSA.

Care / Adult Ministries Pastor

Deb Toth

Deb looks after everything related to connecting our people with one another, including front line ministries, community groups and congregational care at LSA. We are looking to bring that care into our community groups.

Children’s Ministry Pastor

Susan Smith

Susan recently ordained, is our Children’s Pastor at LSA. She looks after everything children’s ministry from 0-10 years old. She is excited to expand the kids programming to mid week in the future. When she is not at church she can be found spending lots of time outdoors with her husband Kevin and their two beautiful girls.


Mily Fuentes

Mily looks after the finances for LSA. Ensuring the budgets are adhered to, and generating statements to communicate our financial health to the congregation.

Worship Director

Bill Compeau

Bill is a musician, who has a passion for composing, playing and recording music. Bill is the director of our worship teams. He has a passion for youth ministry and when not up on the stage on a Sunday morning, can be found in the youth room leading worship.

Facility / Property Coordinator

Cliff Burak

Cliff is responsible for the care and maintenance of the property and facilities at LSA. Part of that is overseeing the S.A.S.E.M team on Tuesday mornings who clean the building thoroughly so the facility is clean and safe for the ministries to use. He is also involved in the Property and Finance Committee to keep the Session abreast of Facility budget issues.

Pastoral Care Counsellor

Brittany Hayward McCann

Brittany McCann resides in Essex county with her husband, daughter, son and step-son. She’s enjoyed many years of travel and ministry work. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Windsor, a Master of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. She enjoys hearing peoples stories, seeking to find hope and healing.


Session Member

Wendy Skreptak

Wendy is on session as an Elder, and also acts as the head usher for Sunday morning services. She is in charge of setting up communion, which happens every other month at LSA. Wendy is also a chairperson of the Women’s ReNEWal Weekend.

Interim Moderator

Andy Cornell

Rev. Andy’s role at LSA is to lead session during this time of transition as Pastor Brian prepares to be received into The PCC. He’s the minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Dresden and serves as executive director of the Renewal Fellowship, whose mission is to encourage those in the PCC who stand for Biblical truth.

Session Member

Connie Hale-Duncan

Connie Hale-Duncan is a retired educator of 32 years. She served as a Pastor for 16 years, 8 of which were serving LSA as a Congregational Care Pastor. As a spiritual leader she seeks His face in prayer and in the study of the word in order to make wise decisions at LSA that will honour God and lead His people in Spiritual growth. Pastor Connie ministers to the 50+ at Prime Time each month at LSA, and on a weekly bases she ministers to people through her devotional teachings online at FaithKept (